Ampere's Tommaso Cuccinotta and Experts Worldwide at the V Edition of OSPM Summit 2023 in Ancona, Italy

Ancona, Italy

Tommaso Cuccinotta, from Ampere partner Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, is among the experts who will present at 5th OSPM the summit to discuss power management and (real-time) scheduling techniques in the Linux kernel. The summit will focus on scheduler techniques for reducing energy consumption while meeting performance and latency requirements, as well as discussions on real-time systems, real-time and non-real-time scheduling, tooling, debugging, and tracing.

Ampere partners will give talks on "Results from using SCHED_DEADLINE for energy-aware optimization of RT DAGs on heterogeneous hardware" and "SCHED_DEADLINE meets DVFS: issues and a possible solution".

The summit is organized to cover three days of discussions and talks, and the list of topics of interest includes power management techniques, real-time and non-real-time scheduling techniques, energy consumption and CPU capacity aware scheduling, real-time virtualization, mobile/server power management real-world use cases (successes and failures), power management and scheduling tooling (tracing, configuration, integration testing, etc.), and tracing.