The AMPERE project overcomes the challenges of developing traditional cyber-physical systems. It does so by bridging the gap of the challenge that developers face of leveraging low-energy, highly-parallel, and heterogeneous computation in their model-based development process while fulfilling the non-functional constraints inherited from the cyber-physical interaction. Overall, the AMPERE project develops a novel software architecture that increases productivity in development and efficiently exploits parallel and heterogeneous processor architectures, fulfilling non-functional requirements such as real-time response, energy-efficiency, safety & cyber-security, and resiliency as needed by advanced functionalities.





During the last final event, the AMPERE consortium showcases the project's achievements and presents its simplified software development framework that enables advanced CPS development. – Discover how this technology simplifies development, lowers costs, and enables advanced and safer systems while meeting real-time, safety, energy-efficiency, security, and reliability requirements. – Learn how partners Bosch and Thales are evaluating AMPERE technology in key industrial sectors like rail and automotive.



Discover the new generation of software development tools and a framework that will help drive European competitiveness. Enhancing productivity through model driven engineering and Use Cases (BOSCH)




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