AMPERE featured in Scientific Computing World

AMPERE featured in Scientific Computing World
Dayana Fernandes Muzzetto

AMPERE was featured in the Winter 2021 edition of Scientific Computing World in an article titled 'Edge computing.'

The article delves into the creation of a software framework to increase the productivity of developers working with edge computing in projects such as CLASS, ELASTIC, and AMPERE. All three projects make edge computing easier to use and more performant and productive for developers. The framework will be applied to different use cases coordinated by AMPERE's coordinator, Eduardo Quiñones.

More specifically, the AMPERE project focuses on developing a framework for computing resources that are needed in cyber-physical systems (CPS) in which the number of computing elements does not have a wide distribution. These systems are all concentrated in a more closed environment such as a single connected vehicle.

Basically, in the case of AMPERE a single edge device will be addressed that will be also used in CLASS and ELASTIC. Therefore, two different software architectures are being developed that will be connected since one addresses the edge device, and the other the communication between multiple edge devices and the cloud.

Read the whole article here on pages 13-15.


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Photo: Cover of Scientific Computing World, Winter 2021 edition.