AMPERE at the SoS integration with CPS workshop

AMPERE at the SoS integration with CPS workshop
Dayana Fernandes Muzzetto

The article titled 'AMPERE project at the SoS integration with CPS workshop' featured in the HiPEAC info 62 magazine delves into a HiPEAC workshop that took place on 10 September 2020. The event offered an opportunity for coordination between experts in CPS and facilitated dialogue on CPS technology transfer and challenges. The workshop resulted in a public report to the Commission, including advice on the engineering practices and tools needed to support the application of SoS to CPS.

During the event, Eduardo Quiñones, AMPERE coordinator, provided a perspective from the point of view of the work the project has been developing towards opening up high-performance capabilities to embedded systems and non-specialists in parallel programming as well as parallel execution that meets certain criteria such as time-criticality, fault tolerance, and energy efficiency.

The AMPERE project aims to develop a new generation of programming environments for low energy and highly-parallel computing, capable of implementing correct-by-construction cyber-physical systems (CPS). As a result, it has considered 3 different layers:

  • Model-driven engineering (MDE).
  • Code synthesis tools and compilers.
  • The runtime system, the OS, and hypervisor.

Future actions will be to keep AMPERE's commitment to developing innovative software architecture for the development and execution of advanced CPS, taking into account the non-functional requirements inherited from cyber-physical interactions. 

The project is building upon European expertise in HPC and embedded systems and gaining lost ground in parallel computation, among the actions taken, it will use and extend OmpSs@FPGA to work in real-time domains.


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AMPERE was featured in HiPEAC info 62 magazine on page 11 in January 2021

Photo: Cover of HiPEAC info 62 magazine.