Wrap-up of 2022

Wrap-up of 2022
oriol pla

The AMPERE project had a productive year in 2022, up until December, with several events and activities that facilitated knowledge sharing and dissemination. Project partners participated in various international conferences and workshops, presenting research findings and engaging with experts in the field.

The year started with the 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, which took place online in April 2022, in Brno, Czech Republic. The event featured presentations and discussions focused on real-time networks and systems.

In May 2022, the BSC attended "A Non-Linear Control Method with Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Optics with Pyramid Sensors," which took place in Garching, Germany. The event focused on the application of reinforcement learning in the field of adaptive optics.

June 2022 was a busy time for the AMPERE project with four participatons in important international conferences. Partners presented at the Women in High-Performance Computing Workshop at ISC 22, which took place in Hamburg, Germany. The workshop focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of high-performance computing. SSSA also co-chaired a workshop on ¨Challenges and New Approaches for Dependable and Cyber-Physical System Engineering" which was organized by ADA-Europe as part of the ISC22 Conference in Hamburg. Also as part of ADA.Europe 22, BOSCH, BSC and ISEP heavily participated via presentations and chairing sessions.  Later that month, BSC, SSSA and BOSCH also particated in HiPEAC from 11-22 June with participations in 2 different workshops.

By mid year, the AMPERE consortium met in Barcelona for a F2F General  Meeting. The consortium members gathered on July 7, 2022.at the facilities of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre to discuss the latest research updates and coordinate next steps in the project. Working towards an integration of the work done by each work package was the overall theme of the three-day meeting. Partners discussed the development of a new generation of software programming environments for low-energy and highly parallel and heterogeneous computing architectures, capable of implementing correct-by-construction advanced Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). Eduardo Quiñones, PI of the project, highlighted opportunities to engage with industrial stakeholders and partners.July also offered a participation opportunity byt ETH Zurich as part of the SAMOS XXII Conference on Embedded Computer systems.

BSC then started the fall off with an invited talk by the BSC at the IWOMP annual workshop dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all apsects of parallel programming with OpenMP. This was followed by an Octover talk on enhancing the performance and predictability of the OpenMP runtime at the OpenMP Users Monthly Teleconference.

AMPERE was able to show its applications for Smart Cities at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona. This opportunity allowed partners to showcase the application of AMPERE¨S software ecosystem to industry, policy stakeholders and the general public.

All in all, 2022 represented a ramp up in face to face activities and opportunities to fully disseminate AMPERE findings and results.

Next month, in January 2023, the team will participate in the HiPEAC 2023 - WASOS: Workshop on Adaptive CPSoS, which will take place in Toulouse, France. The workshop aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of adaptive cyber-physical systems. Stay tuned for more to come in the project´s last six months!