Static Analysis to Enhance Programmability and Performance in OmpSs-2

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Publication in Conference Proceedings/Workshop

Adrian Munera, Sara Royuela, Roger Ferrer, Raul Peñacoba, Eduardo Quiñones. ISC.2020.

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ISC High Performance 2020 International Workshops
Springer, Cham
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Cham, Switzerland

Adrian Munera, Sara Royuela, Roger Ferrer, Raul Peñacoba, Eduardo Quiñones. Static Analysis to Enhance Programmability and Performance in OmpSs-2.


Task-based parallel programming models based on compiler directives have proved their effectiveness at describing parallelism in High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications. Recent studies show that cutting-edge Real-Time applications, such as those for unmanned vehicles, can successfully exploit these models. In this scenario, OpenMP is a de facto standard for HPC and is being studied for Real-Time systems due to its time-predictability and delimited functional safety. However, changes in OpenMP take time to be standardized because it sweeps along a large community. OmpSs, instead, is a task-based model for fast-prototyping that has been a forerunner of OpenMP since its inception. OmpSs-2, its successor, aims at the same goal and defines several features that can be introduced in future versions of OpenMP. This work targets compiler-based optimizations to enhance the programmability and performance of OmpSs-2. Regarding the former, we present an algorithm to determine the data-sharing attributes of OmpSs-2 tasks. Regarding the latter, we introduce a new algorithm to automatically release OmpSs-2 task dependencies before a task has completed. This work evaluates both algorithms in a set of well-known benchmarks and discusses their applicability to the current and future specifications of OpenMP.

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